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Law Enforcement Exploring Alumni Success Story: Major K.C. Carr


Major “K.C.” Carr, Police Commander, Operational Support Bureau, Chesterfield County Police Department, Virginia

This year w... Read More

Officer Inspired by Elementary School DARE Experience to Make a Difference for the Next Generation

                              Nathaniel Harris, Second Precinct Officer, Richmond Police Department, Richmond, Virginia

Growing up in East Richmond, Second Precinct Officer Nath... Read More

Former Jailer Finds Job Satisfaction and Opportunity for Advancement in Police Service

Lance Walpole, K9 Officer, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

Before joining the SAPD I was a jailer at a local county jail. While I am grate... Read More

Dispatcher's Son Lives SWAT Team Dream

Matt Parkinson, SWAT Team, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Police Officer Matt Parkinson Without a doubt, SWAT is the number one thing about the SAPD. It is the pl... Read More

From Chief's Secretary to Traffic Patrol Officer

Officer Rosemary Caudillo, Traffic, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Police Officer Rosemary Caudillo I first joined the SAPD as a civilian employee working as a secre... Read More

Former Accounting Major and Mother of Two Enjoys Evidence Investigation and Helping New Officers

Sergeant Sue Fox, Patrol Division, Rapid City Police Department, SD

Even after 30 years with the Rapid City Police Department, people still amaze me – ... Read More

Former College Football Coach Builds Community Partnerships Between Homeless and Community, Improves Public Safety

Rapid City Police Officer Soucy Officer Darren Soucy, Street Crimes Unit, Rapid City Police Department, South Dakota

I have been fortunate to have two great careers, but so far, law e... Read More

Proud To Be A Role Model For Children

Officer Jaime Guess, Patrol Division, Golden Police Department, Golden, Colorado

Looking back on my career there is one moment which stands out that I w... Read More

Recalling A Relative’s Cop Shop Talk, Passion for the Job and Criminal Justice Class Solidifies an Interest in Law Enforcement

Corporal Ethan Hicks, Supervisor, Day Shift Patrol, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I have always admired police work since childhood. Having a ... Read More

Always Wanted to be a Police Officer, Likes Making a Difference

Officer Foster Miles, Patrol Division, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I knew from a very young age that police work would be the career that I ... Read More

Family Tradition and Joy for Helping Others

Corporal Marie Kemp, Supervisor, Midnight Shift Patrol, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I have always wanted to be a police officer. I enjoy pol... Read More

Trial and Error Process Leads Political Science Major to Find Love For Police Work

Officer Stuart McCullough, Patrol Division, Ashland Police Department, Ashland, VA

I started college in August of 2001 as an undecided candidate.... Read More

Strong Family Values Gave Her Confidence to Pursue Policing

Sergeant Christie Rhoney, Supervisor, Criminal Investigations Section, Gaston County Police Department, NC

Growing up in rural Western North Caro... Read More

A Chance Encounter with an Officer Leads This Lieutenant to the Police Profession

Lieutenant Morgen Tietjens, Commander, Communications Division, Newport News Police Department, VA

At the age of 24, I was returning home from w... Read More

IACP Police Officer of the Year Sergeant Marcus Young Recalls Terrifying Incident and Heroics of Other Officers

Sergeant Marcus Young, Ukiah Police Department, CA

When the Ukiah Police Department needed an offi­cer to fill a patrol shift va­cancy on the ni... Read More

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