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    Population1: 25,257,114

    Number of Law Enforcement Agencies2: 1,913

    Officers per 100,000 Population2: 244

    Average Annual Salary (Patrol)3: $50,440

    1 U.S. Census Bureau, 2010
    2 Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2008
    3 Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010

Discover Policing In Your State: Texas

Police Jobs in Texas

The information and links below are specific to this state and may be helpful in your employment search.

Basic Selection Standards

This state requires that sworn law enforcement officers meet the minimum selection standards listed below. (NOTE: Individual agencies may have more stringent requirements.)

U.S. Citizen:
Minimum Age Range:
Minimum Education:
Disqualifying Convictions (felony, misdemeanor, and/or other):

Pre-employment Screening

Candidates for sworn law enforcement positions in this state are subject to the pre-employment screening practices listed below. (NOTE: Individual agencies may employ additional procedures.)

Background Investigation:
Minimum Physical Standards:
Psychological Exam:

Source: 2005 IADLEST Sourcebook

Find Law Enforcement Agency Contact Information

Search our agency directory for a listing of state and local law enforcement agencies in this state. Results will display agency name, contact information, and basic facts about the department, including agency size and population served.

Related Links

The entities listed and linked below will connect you to state-specific law enforcement resources that may be helpful in your employment search.

  • State associations of chiefs of police and sheriffs are membership-based organizations that promote professionalism, training, and networking for law enforcement administrators. Their Web sites will often post job openings for agencies throughout the state and links to member agencies.

    Texas Police Chiefs Association

    Sheriffs' Association of Texas

  • State police and highway patrol provide statewide law enforcement services and enforce state and federal traffic laws. Their Web sites will connect you to available job opportunities within the agency and offer insight into the agency’s approach to statewide public safety services.

    Texas Highway Patrol

  • State Commissions on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POSTs) or similar entities establish minimum selection, education, and training standards for law enforcement officers, and serve as the certification or licensing authority for sworn personnel. In some cases the POST conducts training for all sworn personnel in the state. These agencies may be helpful in getting an idea of this state’s approach to law enforcement training.

    Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education (TCLEOSE)

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